By using this website you confirm that you have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions under which 2Life Travel operates. Where 2Life Travel is mentioned it also implies its Directors and staff in their personal capacity.


You accept that 2Life Travel does not have any products of its own and only operates as a mediator between you and the service provider and or operator. You accept that all arrangements for your travel is done through Operators that we have contracted with and that you are subject to their terms and conditions that precedes and overrides our terms and conditions. All payments and refunds are subject to the terms and conditions of the operators and although we will do our utmost for you our client, to assist, it is ultimately an arrangement between you and the operator or the service provider that they have contracted with. You accept that we do not charge you any fees and that all fees and or commissions earned is paid to us by the operator and or service provider. Should we charge you a fee that fee is non refundable as we have delivered our services to you as requested. Any change of the program and or travel arrangements does not influence the preceding services rendered by nullifying the essence and value thereof.


2Life Travel only accept EFT payments and will only issue travel documents and or vouchers once payment has reflected in our bank account and confirmed by our bank as funds available.


2Life Travel operates Monday to Fiday from 08:00 until 17:00 and Saturdays from 09:00 until 12:00. Should you require our services outside these hours we are at liberty to charge you a R500.00 flat fee for any additional services.


Although we take the utmost care when we volunteer information we are not liable for any discrepancy in information given as we are not the source of the information that we give out. All information regarding a destination, City, Country, product and service is given under the understanding that our operators and service providers are knowledgeable about their product and or service.


We strongly advise that the maximum cover for travel and medical insurance should be sought and concluded so as not to be exposed to any loss due to sickness, death, insolvency of an operator and or service provider or for any other situation that could influence your travel plans and or arrangements.


The acquiring of visas is solely the responsibility of the client and though 2Life Travel may assist, where possible, we will not be held responsible for the not granting of a visa and consequently thereof the cancellation of travel arrangements. 2Life Travel shall not be liable for the refund and or loss of the monies already paid for the application of the visa and or services and travel arrangements.